Work those abs! Don't leave it to the pros this summer to be lithe, speedy and in shape - there's buckets of sports activities and clubs on your doorstep - check out our sports pages for some great local clubs you could join
Get Fit for the Olympic Season
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Victoria Poolman

Bio: Having written for a range of trade and consumer publications, Victoria brings her love of all things local to the role of HugoFox News Editor.

Victoria Poolman

Work those abs! Don’t leave it to the pros this summer to be lithe, speedy and in shape – there’s buckets of sports activities and clubs on your doorstep – check out our sports pages for some great local clubs you could join

With summer rolling in (well, some time soon would be nice), the Olympics approaching, and Wimbledon now underway, this is the season to get that body in gear!

However, we at HugoFox News know that starting a new exercise regime can be daunting. You watch those trim young things sprinting around the parks, the burly guys thundering about the rugby pitch, the lithe mothers flexing their physiques in yoga class (how do people bend like that?), and it’s easy to feel intimidated. But there’s no need to compare yourself to others. Not all sports suit everyone, and even if you’re not a sprinter, not strong enough to scrum, and not flexible enough for sun salutations, there will still be an activity out there that’s perfect for you. “But how do I find it?” you cry – well, you can start off by deciding what kind of exercise best fits your needs.

The Lone Ranger: If the mere thought of a gym class makes you break out in a horrified sweat, or if you lose patience quickly with others, then perhaps this route is for you. Lone Rangers prefer to operate alone, away from the gaze and judgement of others. They don’t want to be told when and where to exercise, and instead are good at motivating themselves to complete their sessions. The prospect of a coach or an instructor shouting in their ear doesn’t float their boat. Rather, they enjoy the peace of a solitary jog around the park, an early morning swim, or a long bike-ride into the countryside.

Recommended sports: Jogging, cycling, swimming, rollerblading.

You may love you fresh look of new white trainers, but they weren’t designed to stay that way… dust yours off and get moving (and don’t keep stopping to give them a quick wipe)

The Team Player: Are you a social animal? Want to have a laugh with mates while you do your exercise? Then it’s likely you’re a Team Player. Motivating yourself to go out alone for a run might be tricky for you, but when it comes to running out onto the football or netball pitch alongside your team mates, you’re full of energy! The camaraderie of organised sport appeals to your social side, and you enjoy the play of tactics as the matches continue. Maybe you have a bit of a competitive streak, and want the chance to get involved in a league and help take your team to victory. Seems like you might be the perfect addition to a local club.

Recommended sports: Football, netball, hockey, water polo.

The Guided Star: Many people don’t fit neatly into the categories above. Perhaps organised sport isn’t really your thing, but at the same time you find it difficult to drag yourself out for a jog or a cycle. You need some structure to your fitness regime, but you don’t want anyone putting too much pressure on you either. But not to worry, there are an abundance of options for you as well! Gym memberships could be a great way to kick off your regime. Allowing you access to classes, facilities, and the guidance of instructors, but without tying you to the commitment of a team practice, weekly sessions at your local gym could strike just the right

A Lone Ranger enjoys the tranquility of a solitary jog

balance between structure and freedom that you seek. Classes like spinning (indoor cycling) allow you to set your own pace and difficulty, whilst giving you a scheduled time to exercise. Alternatively, sports like tennis or martial arts allow you to work towards your own personal goals whilst attending a scheduled sessions at a club. With a bit of guidance, your sporting star could really shine!

Recommended sports: Gym workouts, spinning, tennis, martial arts.

Our suggestions are only a few of the many sports you could try out once you’ve decided what kind of regime suits you best; there are always plenty of opportunities in any community to take up a new hobby. In Andover, for example, last weekend’s Jamie G Sports Fair showcased the many fantastic clubs in the area, with The Jamie G Sporting Trust continuing to help improve the sporting facilities for the town’s youngsters.

If you’re searching for a club for you or your family members to join, why not investigate one of the 23 local teams sponsored by Why not have a go at a spot of tennis with either Romsey & Abbey Tennis or Jem Tennis Clubs – then there’s Basingstoke Volleyball team who are always looking for new recruits, Andover Hockey and the Overton Harriers for those ladies who fancy stretching their legs. As for littlies, there is an abundance of fantastic, proactive local football groups including the Rustington Otters, and the Tilehurst Panthers, as well as the likes of the Hamble Sea Scouts. Have a read of our news articles reporting on all our teams successes, and if any of them catch your fancy, just jog over to their websites for further information.

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  • Jacqui Gentleman
    July 10, 2012 - Reply

    Thank you for a great read and a mention The Jamie G Sporting Trust .. Love n Much Light Jacqui Gentleman … Mummy and Member of Trust xxx

  • Tommy Gentleman
    July 11, 2012 - Reply

    Cracking Article.
    There is indeed something out there for everyone.

    Tommy Gentleman,
    Founder of Reasons Fitness

  • Kevin Warwick
    December 17, 2012 - Reply

    Great read i must say. And didn’t we do well!! what a great games it was. It has and will inspire this nation to take up some kind of exercise.

    • newshugofox
      December 18, 2012 - Reply

      Thanks for the comment, Kevin. Yes, the Games really did give the nation a boost! Let’s hope we maintain that motivation (New Year’s resolutions might help with that…)! HFox

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