The HugoFox News team wish Ethan a very swift recovery, following his recent injury on the rugby pitch
Get well soon Ethan!
July 2, 2012  //  By:   //  Ethan Fincham, Sports
Victoria Poolman

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Victoria Poolman

The HugoFox News team wishes Ethan a very swift recovery, following his recent injury on the rugby pitch

Last month HugoFox News reported on superstar schoolboy triathlete Ethan Fincham and his success in the SuperTri Children’s, Youth and Junior Triathalon – and we’re very proud to sponsor Ethan in his sporting ventures. Unfortunately, we were very sad to hear from Ethan’s parents this morning that whilst competing in the Regional School Rugby Finals in Reigate, our tri-star has suffered a fractured collarbone.

Ethan will have to abstain from training for the next four weeks and only participate in light training for the two weeks after that in agreement with his physio’s instructions. This means that sadly he won’t be able to compete at Trinity on the 8th of July – but hopefully this won’t be the end of his sporting season as there are events later in the season in which he can compete.

All the HugoFox team wish Ethan a speedy and comfortable recovery and we will post updates on his progress in future competitions as soon as he’s back up and running. Until then, there’s plenty of R’n’R required for this young champ – get well soon Ethan!

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