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Victoria Poolman

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Victoria Poolman

Picture the scene, if you will. A blustery, overcast, and cool late spring Sunday morning at a local park.  On every spare piece of green there are children playing cricket, their parents wrapped up against the cold, brothers and sisters running around; pretending to take an interest. A scene played out all over the country.

There was one difference on this particular Sunday morning, 20th May 2012. Tucked away in a distant corner of Turn Pike playing field in Hedge End there was a game going on, between Hedge End Junior CC foundation side and GE Hamble junior CC. What makes this so different?, you may think. The answer to that question is this game was the very first match to be played by the boys and girls from Hamble.

They have been training hard for 12 months now indoors and out, since the club was started in April 2011, with an open day at GE sports field in Kings Avenue; and has continued to grow with the generous sponsorship from

The Hamble Juniors await their turn to bowl at their first match of the season

The excitement was tangible as the players prepared for the match, with some catching and bowling practice. Then the game started with Hamble batting, the first runs scored by Alison Burgess, were greeted with a cheer more suited to a goal being scored at St Mary’s! GE Hamble junior cricket club was now off and running! The result of the game was not at all important, the fact that it took place was what really mattered to the coaches and club chairman (Terry Gover)……………………….For the record Hamble achieved a narrow victory.

As a club the one thing we that we need is more children to come along, we can provide all the playing kit, we have ukcc qualified level 1 and 2 coaches, but with more players these games will be a regular occurrence, as we start entering leagues.

Though you will never replace the excitement of a first game………

Anybody interested in coming along please contact Andy Burgess or 07949848496. Alternatively, contact the HugoFox News team for more information.

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