Georgia Car Sales' John Lailey in a motorcycle sidecar with the owner of affiliated business, Andover Cars
Georgia Car Sales revving to go with
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Victoria Poolman

Bio: Having written for a range of trade and consumer publications, Victoria brings her love of all things local to the role of HugoFox News Editor.

Victoria Poolman is delighted to announce the recent addition to our listings of Andover-based car dealer Georgia Car Sales. With over 21 years’ experience in the industry, this family-run business has established a solid reputation for providing quality service and value-for-money cars for sale in Andover – attested to by the fact that it has scooped a Hampshire Trading Standards’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ award for the past seven years running. So if you haven’t already had a look at’s Cars section, now is the time to do it!

Georgia Car Sales' John Lailey in a motorcycle sidecar with the owner of affiliated business, Andover Cars

With both Georgia Car Sales and sharing a focus on ‘keeping things local’, they make a great match. In fact, this is one of the key reasons the company has signed up with the local listings site. Duncan Hamilton-Smith of Georgia Car Sales points out that local custom is key to the way they run their business: “That is where most of our business stems, as it arrives though word-of-mouth and revolves around our customer service and no-pressure approach,” he tells HugoFox News.

Georgia Car Sales’s success stems from their consistent focus on the customer, which underpins each facet of their business – their car sourcing service, for instance. Using a network of trade contacts gleaned through their many years in the industry, Georgia Car Sales are able to track down vehicles that exactly suit their customers’ needs. This gives buyers a much wider variety of cars to choose from, and means that they can even make sure they get the colour they want. “Unlike other dealerships, we don’t just have to sell what we’ve got, Duncan adds. We have access to lots of cars of all price ranges.

Those wishing to sell their cars can likewise benefit from Georgia Car Sales’s practices, as the company also offers a ‘Sale or Return’ service, noteworthy in that it is unique to Andover and much of the surrounding area. This customer-friendly system gives owners the advantages of working with a car dealer whilst leaving them the flexibility to sell the vehicles themselves if they get a better deal. “It works well all round,” Duncan tells us. “The customer gets a better deal than they would if it were a cash sale, and without the hassle of time-wasters and cold callers.”

Georgia Car Sales has a history of making innovative business choices that are also beneficial to local people. Last March, for example, Georgia Car Sales owner John Lailey teamed up with taxi company Andover Cars, forming a partnership that opened up new opportunities for taxi drivers in the area.

What’s more, Georgia Car Sales’s involvement with comes with advantages for local sports team, Andover Hockey. As part of’s recent competition, Andover Hockey is one of 23 teams competing for the jackpot prize of an extra £1000 in sponsorship from HugoFox. In registering with us, Georgia Car Sales supported Andover Hockey’s cause, cranking up points for their team. Every point is precious, as each of the teams will see their points converted into sponsorship money even if they don’t win the grand prize.

With Georgia Car Sales now registered on the site, hopes that the alliance will create yet more opportunities for the company and its customers, connecting local people with this flourishing Hampshire business.

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