Lucy Griffiths,’s SEO specialist
Local listings company attracts Google’s attention
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Jo Kent

Bio: Joanna's design business, Gardens by Jo, specialises in creating bespoke gardens to suit the individual client, with an emphasis on sustainability in the garden. With a passion for plants and gardens nurtured from a young age, Joanna loves sharing her interest through lecturing and teaching, and hopes to inspire future horticulturists and gardeners.

Joanna Kent

Local listings company,, are putting their search engine optimisation skills to good use by getting small businesses online – and racing up the Google rankings!

For many businesses, a website is something they can’t do without – but for self-proclaimed ‘technophobes’, silver-surfers or start-up companies who simply can’t afford their own site, local listings website is providing a free and effective way of gaining recognition by the most powerful search engine in the world.

Lucy Griffiths,’s SEO specialist

Having invested in the skills of Basingstoke-based search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist, Lucy Griffiths, many small businesses, freelancers and tradespeople are gaining a presence online, and new business leads as a result.

Lucy said: “We have worked hard to get our listings indexed and ranking for the right search terms, and nearly all of the entries on our services are rising through the rankings on search engines such as Google.

“This is of huge value to businesses of any size – even if a company has a site of their own as well, by having a description, image and link on, they can boost traffic and fully-optimise their website which means more visits, more potential customers and – hopefully – more profit.”

Whitchurch-based garden designer, Joanna Kent, is just one individual who has seen excellent results from posting her service online:

“I’m not overly confident with computers and had shied away from having my own website, but I did want people to be able to find my contact details online. A friend recommended as being a community-driven site which offered service listings for free, so I thought it would be ideal. I couldn’t believe it when I typed in ‘garden design Whitchurch Hampshire’ on Google only to see GardensbyJo come up first! This is ideal for local people looking for the services I provide.”

A wide range of businesses including IT telecoms support services, letting agents, precision engineers and artists have all been attracted to to boost their business links.

Offering a quick and simple method of posting services online, those interested are encouraged to visit and submit their details. Once registered, logos, photographs and further details can be added to help get listings recognised by the popular search engines.

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